Parent Visas

Parent Visas

For applicants who wish to bring their parents over to join them in Australia.

Parent Visa – Permanent Visa

This visa is for Australian permanent resident and citizen to sponsor their parents. There must be equal or more children in Australia as a permanent resident or citizen in order to sponsor the parents.

Parent Visa Temporary

This visa is for Australian permanent resident and citizen to sponsor their parents for 3 years or 5 years. There need not be for equal or more children to be in Australia to sponsor the parents. Parent visa is document intensive. Reading and understanding the requirements of a parent visa is a difficult task.

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    Interested Visa Type

    1. Do you possess a degree or trade qualification?
    2. Are you below the age of 40?

    1. Are you outside of your country?
    2. Do you fear harm from your government?

    Do you have funds of at least AU$50,000 for course fees and living expenses for a year?

    1. Are you currently doing any business?
    2. Type of business and have you been doing more than 2 years?
    3. Is the turnover more than AU$750,000 a year?
    4. Do you have any personal and business assets of more than AU$2.5 million.

    Is your spouse (Husband/Wife) is a citizen of Australia?

    Do you have more than half your children in Australia?

    1. Do you have a regular income in your country?
    2. Do you have enough funds to spend while in Australia?
    3. Do you genuinely intend to visit Australia temporarily?

    Have you recently graduated with a degree from an Australian Institution?

    1. Have been on a permanent residency for at least a year?
    2. Have you lived in Australia for at least 4 years?

    Country of Citizenship

    Current Country of Residence

    Marital Status

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