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Our Standard Visa Consultation

will be conduct via Zoom / Skype or Telephone


the consultation price is AUD165.00


What are the process included during the consultation?

Assessment Of Eligibility For Desired Visa Type

Our Experts will assess your qualification for the visa type applied. They will provide advise based on assessment for further steps.

Guidance On Application Process

During our consultation, the team will informed the necessary documentation for visa application.

Evaluation Of Timeline

Visa application process and duration taken to complete it are explained by the experts.

Answers To Questions

The client can ask any question related to visa application. The expert will explain the answers.

Application Process Guidance.

Full guidance on complete the process without any inconvenience.

Complete Your Australian Migration Without Any Hassles.

Pre-Consultation Assessment

    Interested Visa Type

    1. Do you possess a degree or trade qualification?
    2. Are you below the age of 40?

    1. Are you outside of your country?
    2. Do you fear harm from your government?

    Do you have funds of at least AU$50,000 for course fees and living expenses for a year?

    1. Are you currently doing any business?
    2. Type of business and have you been doing more than 2 years?
    3. Is the turnover more than AU$750,000 a year?
    4. Do you have any personal and business assets of more than AU$2.5 million.

    Is your spouse (Husband/Wife) is a citizen of Australia?

    Do you have more than half your children in Australia?

    1. Do you have a regular income in your country?
    2. Do you have enough funds to spend while in Australia?
    3. Do you genuinely intend to visit Australia temporarily?

    Have you recently graduated with a degree from an Australian Institution?

    1. Have been on a permanent residency for at least a year?
    2. Have you lived in Australia for at least 4 years?

    Country of Citizenship

    Current Country of Residence

    Marital Status

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